We carry the very freshest, highest-quality bulk herbs, plants, seeds, herbal products, candles, bees wax, soaps and more,  all sourced locally from the beautiful land and people who call this special place home. 

Local, handmade, ethically harvested herbs, honey, salves, tinctures, herbal medicine

West County Herb Company believes in community and is committed to quality, that is why we carry only products that we feel are made with integrity and care by local artisans who craft their products from the very best ingredients.

We carry creams, lotions, tinctures, soaps, candles, salves, tea, and more.

We also carry medicine making supplies that include, beeswax, salts, glassware, etc.

We always take into consideration the planet and the people involved before we decide to carry any product.

We feel very blessed in this corner of the world and think that you will feel it too, when you step into our little shop.