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Mother Loving Designer Trunk Show

Mother Loving Designer Trunk Show, Occidental, Sonoma County, CA

Come on down to West County Herb Company for our annual indie designer trunk show and bring a mama! We’ll be featuring the ever coveted and timelessly crafted apparel of Honey Folk Clothing, the beaded works of Dancing Willow, the unique handcrafted collections of Ragged Thistle, the earthy hand tanned leather work from Maya Beth Maker, and the stylish, custom created New West Hats.

Buy local, buy conscious, buy well crafted, and by all means, buy good looking clothes!

As we reflect on Mothers, we wanted to share a note from author, historian and activist Rebecca Solnit:

“My mother the mountain” sang Townes Van Zandt, and as Mother’s Day looms up it seems worth saying that all sorts of people, places, and things can be your mother. For those of us whose mothers weren’t very motherly, that word that means kindness and encouragement, the task may be to honor what those mothers gave us anyway, life and usually heroic life-sustaining support before consciousness and conflict–and to figure out who else, what else is also your mother.

Then you can remind yourself that you have been nurtured and encouraged, if not according to the conventional stories bearing down upon you this weekend. The Pacific Ocean was my mother, spaciousness and western skies were my mother, houses and books and teachings and teachers and practices and routines were my mother, horses and hilltops and California oak grasslands were my mother, stories were my mother, cities and all sorts of friends when I eventually came to have friends were my mother, and are….”