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Practical Alchemy with Karen Aguiar

Practical Alchemy - Spagyrigs Medicine Making with Karen Aguiar

“It was a large room, heavily outfitted with the usual badly ventilated furnaces, rows of bubbling crucibles, and one stuffed alligator. Things floated in jars. The air smelled of a limited life expectancy.”
― Terry Pratchett, Men at Arms

“Many have said of Alchemy, that it is for the making of gold and silver. For me such is not the aim, but to consider only what virtue and power may lie in medicines.” – Paracelsus

“As Above, So Below, As they Universe, So the Soul, As without, so Within”. The Emerald Tablet

Alchimia –the “Embodiment of Alchemy”
from the ancient Greek meaning, “a mingling, juice, sap”. Khemia – “black earth”

And so we welcome you to Practical Alchemy, A Class On Spagyric Medicine Making…

Join us as we begin our journey into making herbal tinctures using the Spagyric process. Spagyrics is a way to make tinctures using plant alchemy.

There are many understandings of this esoteric and mystical practice and we’ll go over the basic concepts important to Plant Alchemy; the Three Essentials – Mercury, Sulphur and Salt. The Four Elements – Fire, Water, Air, Earth. What is the “Prima Materia” or the “Heart of the Sun” or the “Spittle of the Moon”?

We’ll get our hands dirty applying these concepts using a Soxhlet apparatus, Crucibles, Mortars & Pestles, and few more modern appliances.

Bring a notebook, and/or an apron. Wands are optional.

4 part series, $225, materials included
Wednesdays, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., April 10, 24, May 1, 8
To register, please call or visit West County Herb Company.