Beginners Guide in Growing Herbs at Home

If you’re interested in starting an herb garden, this Beginners Guide to Growing Herbs at Home will show you everything you need to get started. From choosing the right plants to choosing the best soil to keeping the garden as organic as possible, these tips will help you get started in herb gardening. There are many benefits to herb gardening, and you’ll find that it will be a rewarding experience that you can continue to enjoy.

Beginners Guide in Growing Herbs at Home

Once you’ve determined your climate, it’s time to choose your herbs. Some herbs, such as thyme, are not tolerant of much water, while others don’t. For instance, peppermint and oregano need more frequent watering than echinacea. You should research the watering schedule of each herb before planting them. Sage and thyme both prefer more water than echinacea.

Choose an herb that thrives in your climate. Herbs like thyme grow best in drainage holes. They don’t like wet soil. Also, choose a pot made of terra cotta or clay. This will allow the herbs to breathe and stay healthy. A temperature of eighteen to twenty-four degrees Celsius is ideal for growing herbs. If you don’t have this, you may want to invest in a growing lamp.

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