How to Have a Thriving Kitchen Herb Garden

In order to grow a kitchen herb garden, you need to understand the growing conditions for your particular herbs. Many herbs need sunlight and water to thrive. Some herbs require more shade than others, so be sure to check the seeds or the pot sticker for more information. Besides water, herbs need space to grow and thrive. To create a healthy environment, space your plants at least one foot apart and avoid crowding them.

Before planting your herbs, choose the location. Some herbs require full sun, while others need partial shade. If you have a south-facing window, place your herbs in a window that receives six to eight hours of sunlight. Other locations may need grow lights, which are generally expensive but are worth the investment. Choosing the location for your kitchen herb garden is an important step in creating a beautiful and productive garden.

Selecting the right container is important. Ensure that the soil is well-draining and free from excess moisture. You may need to place the containers on a tray or place small pebbles on top of them. These two steps are important for your kitchen herb garden. If you don’t have a window, make sure that your herbs get ample sun exposure by putting the herbs in a sunny corner of your kitchen.

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