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Garlic ( Allium sativum) is closely associated with onions, scallions, shallots , and leeks, all of which have a lot in common, particularly in their flavor . They are also called a group. and by their species Alliums. Garlic has been utilized for many thousands of years and is an all-time favorite seasoning in the globe. The plant, which is native from Central Asia, is widely cultivated in a variety of countries, however China produces more than 80% of the world’s supply. The whole garlic plant can be eatenflowers and leaves are often eaten, however the portion of the plant which is the most frequently used to cook with can be found in the bulb.

The bulb is comprised of several parts, which are referred to as cloves. The cloves (each of which is covered by the skin of a papery substance that’s then removed) are cut when fresh garlic bulbs are utilized and form the foundation of all varieties that are dried. Garlic is a key ingredient in numerous dishes from different regions all over the world including Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America — and it is a popular spice nearly everywhere in all kinds of American cuisines. Garlic was prominently featured in European folklore as well as folk medicine in the earlier centuries.

Recently, a number of research studies have been conducted to discover the potential impacts that eating garlic could result in the development of risk factors related to a range of ailments. In any event garlic is a healthy and flavorful ingredient that can be used to enhance the flavor of many food items, appetizers dips, rubs, as well as sauces.


The distinct garlic flavor can be utilized to enhance the flavor and depth of virtually any non-sweet dish. The way that cooks use it differs. often to flavor dishes, or in a small amount to enhance other spices, but all cooks are familiar with the flavor. Garlic is often employed in salad dressings vinaigrettes and marinades, sauces, meats, vegetables soups, stews and other dishes. Also there’s garlic bread in all its variations garlic toast bruschetta, canape, crostini that simply add garlic to different types of breads, usually in a pan of oil or butter. The garlic butter that’s at the core of many garlic breads can be added to any dish that which you can top with butter to add a little extra flavor. A drizzle of garlic butter can really spice up the flavor of a plate of vegetables.

FLAVORFUL in any form

The sour taste of garlic dried can be bottled in various forms that are available at Frontier Co-oppowder, granules, or minced.

  • Garlic Powder is the most finely ground dehydrated garlic. It is the same consistency as flour. 1/8 teaspoon equals 1 whole clove of garlic
  • Garlic Granules are a little coarse, similar to cornmeal. 1/8 teaspoon = one whole clove of garlic (Garlic powders and garlic powders may be utilized in conjunction.)
  • Minced Garlic is a lot coarser in texture than powders or granules. It isn’t ground, but rather chopped in fine “flakes” 1/2 teaspoon equals 1 whole clove of garlic
  • Grains of Roasted Garlic is also offered in large quantities. Roasting gives a rich dimension to the garlic’s flavor.

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