Uses For Dry Flowers

Flowers that have been dried have subtle shades and a myriad of types. What else can they be used for other than placing them in a beautiful bouquet? Here are ten options for using flowers when cooking or at home. They can also be used for body treatment.


The dried flowers that you can eat are wonderful in desserts and cakes Many of them make excellent teas. You can experiment with making your own tea blends with black and green teas and herbs.


Flowers that have dried are a great addition for DIY cleaners. They are great with mint and citrus scents as well.


Make little sachets of aromatics to place in dresser drawers and closets. You can also create without sewing by making tiny fine mesh bags or muslin.


Flowers that have been dried are beautiful on top of a gift box or in the middle of a bow. It is also possible to scatter dried flowers on the gift card.


Create dried flowers as the main focus of a centerpiece. Large, crystal clear container of hibiscus blooms or a bouquet of lavender flowers can provide a splash of color to a table or dining table for instance. (Choose scent-enhancing flowers for around the home, and less perfumed ones for the dinner table, to ensure that they won’t impede the smell of food.)


A variety of textures and colors could be put together to create an enchanting potpourri. Keep the scent for a long time by adding a fixative like orris root and then enhance the scent by adding the essential oils you prefer.


If you create candles yourself it is easy to incorporate dried flowers into the molds. Even if you’re not a candlemaker you can still add dried flowers to the exterior of your candle. Simply arrange dried flower petals on wax papers. Sprinkle a bit of wax on the flowers and then, roll the candle over the flowers.


Dry flowers can be used in the process of creating the paper you want to use. For cards made from hand make sure to apply dried flowers to high-quality (fairly weighty) cardstock using a bit of glue and paintbrush. (Tweezers are useful for placing flower arrangements.) Flowers that have dried can be used to embellish scrapbook pages.


A few dried flowers can be excellent dyes for fabrics and Easter eggs too. You can experiment with hibiscus flower petals for an orange-reddish blue/lavender color as well as safflower petals to create light yellow. An astringent (such like alum, or even cream of tartar) can help to keep your color in place.

10. BATHING and OTHER Body Care

The most effective herbal baths contain dried flowers. Sprinkle them directly into the bath water, or make an herbal infusions, then put it in your bath. For other body treatments teas, herbal infusions are also the main ingredient in various lotions, toners masks, facial steams herbal hair rinses and sprays.

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