4 Things Nobody Told You Herbs Could Do

The dictionary definition of herb is: “any plant with leaves or seeds, or flowers that are used to flavor foods, medicines, or for perfume.” However, there’s much more to learn aren’t you? You thought you were aware of everything you need to know, there are 10 facts that nobody can tell the herb lover:

1. Herbs possess superpowers to repel mosquitoes.

The strong or pungent scent of herbs can mask other scents like carbon dioxide as well as lactic acid that attract mosquitoes.

Create your own unique repellent for mosquitoes with our step-by step directions for adding herbs to an DIY bug repellent Balm.

2. Supermarket garlic will flourish when you plant the garlic cloves.

“I am a gardener who has planted all kinds of things from Brooklyn Bodega garlic, organic bulbs from the farmers’ market and heirloom cultivars I bought online from a reliable cultivator,” writes our contributor Marie Viljoen. She separates the cloves (leaving the skin) and then plants them in the fall in order that the roots can establish prior to the first major freeze.

3. Mint should be planted in a pot, perhaps in your garden.

Mint is invasive when it is left alone (in an elevated bed, it can encroach on the other vegetation). You can avoid problems by moving mint to an area that is a container garden. A patio pot is the ideal solution. Plant it placed directly into the ground of an area of the garden to contain mint’s roots that have escaped.

4. Some plants actually prefer shade.

The most common advice we get is to plant your herbs in a sunny area for the best harvest. However, the advice isn’t always true. “Parsley likes some shade, while the cilantro and chervil plants are more resistant to shed,” writes our contributor Marie Viljoen. Learn more about this on 23 and Me, My Favourite edible plants to grow In Shade.

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