August 11, 2018 @ 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm
West County Herb Company

Meghan Peterman, aka Pearl Darwin, is hosting a three part class series that is a “Citizen Science” inspired course for many levels of participation, a true journey through the insects. By teaching students how to pin and display Arthropods for collections this series provides a space to indulge a range of interest. The focus ranges from the insects themselves to gratifying a fulfillment in exploration of color, design, form and simply the curiosity of being curious!
These classes create an environment catering to the nature of human questioning in a way that is inviting to everyone.

Class info:
These classes are separated in a three part series entailing a Beginners (Larvae), Novice (Pupa) and Advanced (Imago). Advancing your skills and developing through your metamorphosis as an amateur entomologist. Each class is roughly 3hrs with a short intermission.

First Class:
On August 11th we will begin our journey as Larvae with an introduction to Arthropods and ask ourselves what makes an insect an insect? The beginners course is a great to way open a new door of investigation or refresh your knowledge of Entomology. Everyone will learn the full process of pinning a beetle and a butterfly. All supplies needed will be provided.

Second Class (dates TBA):
As a pupa (novice class) students will dive into “Exo- skeletal Color theory”, we will explore how iridescence and pigments work on brightly colored insects. Students will be taught an introduction to displaying beetles with wings out and pin the delicate wings of a blue morpho butterfly. Specimens provided.

Third Class (dates TBA):
Finishing with the Advanced class students will be taught interesting facts about insect behavior and explore examples of adaptations innumerable physical forms. Insects to be pinned in this class are currently undetermined as previous class participants will be asked to vote on specimens of interest!

What you will need day of class:
• Yourself
• Mindful Presence
• Focus
• Deep, slow breathing
• Long hair tied back
• No loose hanging clothes or jewelry that might get caught on specimens
• All tools and specimens are provided

Tickets are available by following the link or contacting West County Herb Co. Thursday through Monday from 11am to 5pm.