October 27, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Discover how stress can impact your health and how to unlock the secrets to increasing energy, curbing cravings and sleeping like a baby.
Do you feel like your health challenges are a result of your food choices and stress levels? Has your health gotten to the point that you are ready to make a change? Join Mary Sheila as she takes you on an inside view of how to get the results you are longing for, so you can look and feel your best!

In this easy to follow and implement session you’ll learn:
* The ABC’s to lowering your stress.
* Meet your Adrenal Glands, the seat of your Vitality Discover the 5 Keys to Balancing your Adrenals
Learn how to calm your Cortisol to naturally lower
your stress levels.
* Gain an inside look at food cravings and the number one habit that will help you
to nip them in the bud!
* Learn how to look at your health through a different lens, so that your food can meet your physiology and not only ignite your fat burning power, but impact your
overall health and energy levels.
* Why you may not be sleeping and exactly what you can do to sleep like a baby.

Your body is constantly trying to find balance. Make sure you are giving it what it needs to achieve this so you can take back control of your energy and health.
Cost of class is $145
Tickets can be bought at West County Herb Co or by calling us at (707) 874-9567 Thursday through Monday from 11am to 5pm.

About Mary Sheila Gonella:
Having served clients for over a decade as a Board Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Ayurveda Practitioner, Mary Sheila Gonnella teaches clients how to honor their unique physiology, move self-care to the front burner, and achieve and maintain radiant health.
Mary Sheila’s classes and public talks fill up with students who keep coming back for more.
Mary Sheila’s students at Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts, where she taught for 7 years, say she is “One of Bauman’s greatest assets. She is brilliant and communicates her brilliance well. I am in awe of her knowledge level. She was a Godsend and a wealth of knowledge.”
In addition to her private practice, Occidental Nutrition, she consults and teaches classes through doctor referrals in the clinical medical setting, where her approach has helped people have complete health transformations.
She has created multiple online classes, and one of her favorite ways to connect with her students is when she roles up her sleeves, puts on an apron, and teaches cooking classes, reconnecting people to their ability to create delicious healing food in their own kitchen. She has been a featured speaker and teacher on various online summits and stages around the San Francisco Bay Area. Mary Sheila’s unique approach, opens the door for people to not only see the possibility for a health transformation, but gives them the roadmap to begin the journey.
Stay connected by visiting www.occidentalnutrition.com and sign up to receive “The Breakfast Report” Mary Sheila’s free guide to determining the right breakfast for you, your hormonal balance and your blood sugar regulation.