November 10, 2018 @ 10:00 pm – 1:00 pm

In this class, we will be learning how to weave on a frame loom. Weaving is a simple but boundless creative practice and this workshop will teach you everything you need to know to create your own woven tapestry.

Each student will go home with their own weaving starter kit:
-a locally handcrafted wooden loom
-tapestry beater
-tapestry needle
-shed stick
-cotton warp
-yarn samples to get you started

Cost of class is $125, which includes the supplies and loom above. (Please register as soon as possible, if this class does not meet minimum attendance we will have to cancel it.) You may register by visiting or calling West County Herb Co.

We will be learning:

-Warping the loom
-Plain weave with an array of materials (wool, yarn, recycled fabrics)
-Special techniques—rya, chevron, twill, loop, soumak (braid)
-Finishing and displaying your tapestry: tassles, fringe, hanging

This class is open to children and families! Best if they are interested in weaving, able to stay focused and dexterous enough to handle the basics, however—everyone is welcome. Finger knitting, string games and kumihimo braiding wheels will be on hand for busy little hands.

Teacher Bio:
Mary Diaz is a fiber artist, writer, activist, ancestral skills advocate, mother and wild spirit. The practice of making—working with her hands—has always been a humbling cornerstone of her life. She’s worked nationally and internationally as a visual arts counselor and portfolio coach as well as the Assistant Director of Admissions at the California College of the Arts, a photojournalist on fairtrade tea projects in China, a marketing and brand consultant, freelance writer and photographer. But weaving is really the living metaphor of her life; working within systems of complexity, opposing forces intersecting into unified, expansive fields…welcoming paradox–are embodied expressions she explores in a myriad of forms. Her ongoing project, Gather The Universe–a producing member of the Northern California Fibershed — aims to be a platform for shbut ifting cultural ethos toward slow, localized fashion, ecological/intersectional feminist advocacy, natural beauty, Rewilding and radical social activism. Mother to 2 wild ones, her work and life aim to embody the vastness of femininity—itself a subversive act in a culture that teaches women the only way to be safe, successful or relevant is to reject their feminine expression.