September 22, 2018 @ 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

This class will focus on self-limpias, and personal steams (Humitos) for supporting the respiratory, skin, nervous system & releasing of fears, anxiety and other emotional imbalances.

What is a limpia?
A limpia is an ancient practice, a ceremony of cleansing body-spirit with herbs and other elements. It is a sacred ceremony, with the support of herbs offering the body-spirit a way to release emotions, spiritual imbalances, and even physical illness. Cleansings are deep; they heal wounds that have become part of the unconscious. The limpia may take us into our underworld/unconscious to start the healing process/releasing of trauma, Ancestral wounds, childhood disconnection, colonial wounds, toxic relationships with self and the collective. Limpias help us release the Aires/wind/energies that have gotten stuck in the body. Join us for an evening to learn more about GuateMayan and Mexican Curanderismo principals for releasing, prayer, and increasing of psychic and energetic boundaries.

This class will cover:
-Understanding/practice of altar making
-Sparking on plant relationships
-Deep connection to our physical and spiritual
releasing points
-You will get to do a Self-limpia ceremony

*Please do your best to prepare by hydrating your body and by taking time to clarify your intention for your self-limpia.*

About the instructor:
Pablo Rodriguez is a Queer GuateMayan yerbero/Herbalist, based in the Bay Area CA. Pablo has been trained in GuateMayan Curanderismo (Indigenous Healing) Modalities from birth. Pablo trained under family’s lineage, teachings of Berenice Dimas, Atava Garcia and the main teachers: The plants. He is currently attending Ancestral Apothecary’s Herbalism Program. Pablo is a Sexual Health Educator and soon to Graduate in Biology.

To register: please visit or call West County Herb Company in Occidental to purchase your tickets. (707) 874.9567
Class and ritual is $75 per person