November 18, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Holistic Childbirth Prep workshops are designed to empower, explore and celebrate the many ways families choose to give birth and create family. This essential workshop is designed to demystify birth while guiding class participants to discover personal beliefs around pregnancy, partnership, birth, and parenthood, which will allow for a truly holistic childbirth experience. Class is designed to meet the needs of families birthing at birth centers, in their homes, at the hospital, or those who haven’t decided yet. This class is relevant to parents having their first, second or third child, depending on the needs of the family.

We will practice and review the following techniques and information:

• Love and Relaxation: Guided relaxation and the hormones of labor
• Spinning Baby: The role of the baby, optimal fetal positioning, and troubleshooting through birth
• Moaning and Moving: Evidence based healthy birth practices, from vocalizations to opening the pelvic floor
• The Landscape of Labor: Understanding the emotional and physiological process of birthing your baby
• The Role of the Partner: Creating Safety and Trust, Nonverbal Communication Skills
• Being in Birth: Massage, Acupressure, Positions, Vocalizations, and Breathing Techniques
• Advocacy and Collaboration: Positive Communication Skills with Providers
• Understanding Interventions and the difference between Necessary and Unnecessary
• Watching, Hearing, Knowing: Empowered Birth Videos
• After-Birth; The Sacred Hour and the Microbiome

Each class is kept to seven couples or less, as this allows for individual and hands-on attention from the instructor while allowing for community building with other expanding families. We encourage participants to bring a birth ball, meals, pillows, snacks and other items that will allow them to get comfortable and relax.
To read more about the instructor, reviews of the class and details about the day please visit www.ninemoonsdoula.com.