July 2, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

July 2nd, 6:00-8:00pm First Free Monday!

The setting sun marks the end of another day. As we ease into our rituals preceding slumber the nocturnal shift begins. Welcome to the world of Moths. A mystical occasion in our own backyards in which the peak of commotion arises as we dream. Join Meghan Peterman as she explores the evolution of Moths into what they have become today. Learn how to interact and steward these very underestimated Ecological heroes and perhaps curve your opinion on butterflies of the night.

Born and raised in California, Meghan Peterman has been an avid lover of nature all her life. She is a Naturalist and mother with an inordinate fondness and a strong belief in self initiated education. In 2012 Meghan begun pinning insects in a pursuit to study and explore their fascinating world.
Enjoying this delicate task she continued to manage collections for an entomologist in Petaluma as well as an entomology collection and citizen science class at Paxton Gate in SF. Interested in exploring exhibit fabrication, Meghan later found herself working with the California Academy Of Sciences on a sperm whale necropsy and the articulation of two cetacean skeletons. She spent two years as a Fabricator for Weldon Exhibit’s design firm. There she enjoyed working in sculpture, mural and scale model departments while redesigning entire museum exhibitions.
Meghan and her family of three reside at Hallberg Butterfly Gardens, where she has been able to pursue her creative passions as project manager and Curator Of Living Collections. By tracking, observing, and rearing various species of Lepidoptera, Meghan hopes to learn from nature and inspire others.